Who We Are

Friends4Good is a branch of Enterprise4Good that focuses on international community development. 

Using a social enterprise model, Friends4Good organizes volunteers to venture on two-week trips to help build schools, medical facilities, water projects and much more... These are achieved by working side by side with local citizens using traditional tools and methods.

Many of the projects focus on helping women gain financial independence by helping them create social enterprise ventures that monetize new or traditional skills.

Friends4Good began shaping communities in 2004 leaving behind legacies in challenged communities around the world while impacting generations of people; making international connections through personal networks that are created.

The most important part of Friends4Good is the human relationships built between volunteers and citizens of the communities.

Participants realize that humans are more alike then then they are different, making volunteering experience much more meaningful and powerful. 

With this unforgettable experience and realization, participants come back transformed and the memories, along with connections, will last a lifetime!



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