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The Power of Connection: Action Builds Communities!!

Trip of a Life Time

In January 2016 I and another friend took a group of volunteers to build a classroom on Maasai Land in Tanzania Africa.  Part of Masaai Friends 4Good project.

I group of volunteers paid $500.00 ( tax deductible)  each and we used this money to buy all the building materials. It was so hot, but the enthusiasm was high. We sang, laughed, danced and connected with our Massai family at a  deep heart level and  8 days later we had a classroom built that would educate 40 children.

What an enormous, life changing opportunity this was for all the volunteers. Each person was so changed by this experience and many moved to tears by the connections that they made during this voluntourism opportunity.

We were elated by the end result and knowing that our labour would have such a positive effect on this community that has been struggling for so long. Education is always the key to moving past poverty and we know that this will make a difference in the lives of our Maasai families from Makuyni village.

Check out the video:



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