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The Mamas: Maasai Entrepreneurs

The first time we met the Mamas in 2012,  I knew they were very strong and resourceful women.  They were sitting on the ground working intently and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry from tiny, tiny beads.  We learned that they depended on sales of their art to feed their children.

They ran to meet us when we drove up.  What a joy and an honour it was to spend some time with them and support them by bringing home some of their beautiful beadwork!  Once Nashipay School was built, we proceeded to raise money to build a retail gift shop and workshop, Bead by Bead, which opened its doors in 2014.

Now, in 2016, Bead by Bead is home for the Mamas' business,  and does it look good!!  We shopped for pieces to bring home with us to sell at various fundraising events in Canada and you can see by the smile that everyone was happy!!  A good retail day at Bead by Bead😊




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