Many Ukranian babies and children find themselves abandoned by their parents and alone without a support system. This has had a devastating result in the country, creating overcrowded orphanages that can't provide a very high level of care. Many are at a full capacity, so children end up getting sent to the hospital as a temporary shelter, where only their very basic needs can be met. It's a bleak situation where sheer numbers overpower chances for these kids to grow and thrive.
In December of 2011, the Living Pearl Children's Home was opened in near Lviv, Ukraine to accommodate local boys without families or homes to go to. After living in a nearby storage building while the repairs were completed, they moved into an old Polish Nobleman's summer house after years of restoration. It now benefits from a working sewage and boiler system, while the surrounding grounds are lovingly maintained. The facility is home to about thirty boys at any one time, who benefit from regular meals, a comfortable place to live, and a healthy dose of outdoor and sports activities. Most of the residents have parents that have had their rights removed, while some are being looked after on request by their family. In some wonderful cases, residents stayed with the Living Pearl until they were adopted by a new loving family.
What makes this a truly unique organization is the 32 hectares of arable land that the staff and boys use to grow potatoes, wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, beets, and onions. They even care for a small holding with several pigs, chickens, and even a few cattle. They strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, while instilling the value of a hard day's work and imparting practical skills. They even have a classroom, and are proud that some of their residents have moved on to complete college and find jobs.
Friends4Good is proud to support the bold vision of the Living Pearl Children's Home with financial support and logistics. They're a privately run orphanage that relies on the help and support from benefactors' and donations. With your help they're able to continue and improve their mission to help these abandoned boys grow up and become productive, balanced members of society.

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