Working with the Maasai

Chief Raina, left, of the Maasai tribe of Makuyuni, Tanzania, Africa welcomes back his friend Adrian Bohach, with a big hug. Adrian, whose helped fund the build of Nashipay's school, latrine and dormitory revisits the people he now calls family.

A Vision of Human Connection

Working alongside the Maasai people of Makuyuni, Tanzania, Africa, is one of the projects we are extremely proud of. The friendships we've built and the human interactions we've had can stand alone in uniqueness. When a volunteer comes on board to help build a vision, they're no longer merely a volunteer. They become apart of the Friends4Good family. 

Our goal with any of our projects excerise the development of sustainability. These visions one day will support their own, no longer needing help from the outside world.

Our project (of finished structures updated since the last trip in 2018) consists of a school with two classrooms (pre-K and Kindergarden mix and grade 1), a teacher's office which hold the books for a library, a cookhouse to make an in-school meal (generally the only meal some children receive in a day), an eight-stall latrine and two 1000L rain barrels for water.

We are in the process of building a classroom sized dormitory for children who have to walk many kilometres a day to get to school. Our hope in two years time, we will have enough fundraised money to build a full sided dormitory that can house 64 boys and girls comfortably. This dormitory would have working showers, toilets and proper beds for the children who attend Nashipay Maasai School.

                                 Blueprint of the first dormitory

One of the greatest parts of this project is the returning idea of sustainability. Educating the next generation doesn't just change their life; it changes the life of everyone around them. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb


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